To add to its product line, Levo introduced the delicious, slightly zingy Levo Mustard. Levo Mustard is deliciously rich and slightly zingy in flavour and is just right to serve next to a portion of savoury appetisers. Levo Mustard can also accompany a cheese board or can be used as the perfect ingredient for mustard soup.

  • Perfect to accompany your savoury appetisers
  • Suitable for a gluten-free diet
  • Supplied in various kinds of containers

Levo Mustard in 3-litre bags

Levo Mustard is supplied only in 3-litre bags for use by catering establishments. The major advantage of supplying this mustard in 3-litre bags is that the sauce retains an optimum of freshness because it is not exposed to air or light. This is especially practical and attractive for high-volume users. You only need to connect one 3-litre bag of mustard to one of Levo’s handy compact sauce dispensers and you then have 3 litres of mustard ready for use. The bags also make it possible to use every bit of the sauce. Levo Mustard is suitable for a gluten-free diet.

Packaging options Mustard


3x3 litres