Sauce dispensers

The Levo sauce dispensers are very easy to use. They are frequently used in cafeterias and snack counters but are also perfect for restaurants, beach pavilions and sports canteens. A major advantage of the Levo sauce dispensers is that they are so easy to clean. In addition, an empty bag can be quickly replaced by a full one. The refill for the sauce dispenser can be ordered from your wholesaler, and the bags are priced at the same rate as the pails of sauce. Every sauce dispenser is accompanied by a handy guide that makes the operation of the dispenser clear to everyone.

  • Compact system
  • Hygienic in use
  • Easily cleaned

Sauce dispensers for various sauces

Levo has sauce dispensers for various kinds of sauces such as Levo Mayonnaise, LevoNaise Chips Sauce, Levo Curry Sauce, Levo Ketchup, Levo Mustard, Levo Garlic Sauce and Levo Cocktail Sauce.