Sesame Oil

Levo Sesame Oil is a 100% vegetable oil extracted from sesame seeds.
Sesame oil is a favourite oil in various Asian countries and is now also being appreciated in more and more European countries. The oil is golden brown in colour and has a nutty flavour. As this oil has a very strong flavour, adding it to a dish should be done very carefully.

  • 100% vegetable oil
  • Delightfully aromatic
  • Guaranteed fresh
  • Distinctive user-friendly container


Because Levo Sesame Oil has a delightfully distinctive aroma and flavour, this high-quality oil is often used to add extra flavour to various foods. Sesame oil is also ideal as a salad dressing ingredient. The many uses for sesame oil make it a versatile item to have in every kitchen!


Levo Sesame Oil is supplied in convenient 2-litre bottles.
The advantage of these bottles is that they have a user-friendly handle that makes pouring the oil very easy.

Packaging options Sesame Oil


2 litres