Grenada Gold Frying Oil

  • 100% vegetable oil
  • Lasts longer
  • No frying deposits
  • Ensures crunchy frying results

Grenada Gold is a 100% vegetable deep-frying oil perfectly suited for cooking at high temperatures over extended lengths of time. Grenada Gold is an excellent oil for use for deep-frying and frying chips, snack products, fish and any other products.

The most important advantages of Granada Gold Frying Oil:

  • Crunchy frying results
  • Lasts longer
  • Neutral aroma and flavour
  • No frying deposits
  • Trans-fatty acids: < 1%
  • A 100% vegetable product

The advantages of the environmentally-friendly Levo pouch:

  • Less waste
  • Requires less storage space
  • Handier to use
  • Lighter-weight packaging
  • Practically no air in the packaging keeps the product at optimum freshness

Dutch Responsible Deep-frying Campaign

With Grenada Gold, Levo supports the Responsible Deep-frying Campaign. As a Grenada Gold Frying Oil user, you can register at Levo at no cost as a participant in this campaign. All the information about the Responsible Deep-frying Campaign is available at

Cafeteria Top 100

With Grenada Gold, Levo is producing a healthy deep-frying oil for professional use that is packaged in a handy and environmentally-friendly container. It is thus no accident that Levo is strongly represented in the annual Cafeteria Top 100. For a number of years, the best cafeterias and snack counters in the Netherlands have been using the best deep-frying oil! Grenada Gold: the very best deep-frying oil for the catering sector.

Grenada Gold in various containers

Grenada Gold oil is supplied in a conveniently reclosable 5-litre Packzak (2 bags per box). Grenada Gold is also available in 20-litre tins and - especially for industrial users - in 1000-litre IBC containers. Grenada Gold meets all the criteria of the Responsible Deep-frying Campaign and is thus the perfect deep-frying oil for catering establishments such as cafeterias, restaurants, brasseries, sports canteens, beach pavilions, fish shops and makers of traditional Dutch doughnut balls.


2x5 litres


20 litres

IBC containers
IBC containers

1.000 litres