Levo is the perfect partner for industrial manufacturers in the Netherlands! For years, Levo has been producing a complete line of products such as various kinds of oil, margarines and sauces in several kinds of containers for these companies.

What Levo can offer you

  • Excellent products
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Quick delivery
  • Good service
  • Customised products

Distinctive advantages

Levo is committed to distinguishing itself by marketing products that provide a definite added value. These products are supplied in unique containers. Good examples are the Levo sauces, all of which are suitable for a gluten-free diet, and Grenada Gold deep-frying oil that is supplied in a handy, environmentally responsible and waste-saving 5-litre Packzak (2 bags per box).

Product development

Levo’s product development department is constantly working on new and improved products. This department also develops private label products as well as products made specifically according to customer’s preferences.

Packaging options

These products are supplied in:

  • Tins
  • Pails
  • Boxes
  • 1000-litre IBC containers


Levo provides support and advice. If you have questions about which of our products is the best suited for your use, or if you need advice, please be sure to contact us.